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Business Consulting

We are constantly looking for new ways to bring innovation to our clients. If 
there is an area of your business that could be improved by applying a creative
software solution, we hope that you will let us know. We are recognized leaders in the industry for improving the productivity and profitability of businesses through our innovative software solutions.
Our Core Competencies
  • Image and document distrubution: We have developed technology which can manipulate and deliver a variety of file and image formats over the web in real time, including JPG, TIF and even PDF. This technology is used extensively in Land Survey Records and
  • Wide Format Scanning: Gateway Software Productions has extensive experience is this area. We have developed our own proprietary scanning interface and integrated it with our solution for Contex and Vidar scanners. We packaged these into a consumer product called WideScan, which allows users to quickly and easily scan large documents up to several square feet in area.
    Data Management: Using Access, My SQL or SQL Server 2000 (depending on the client's needs), our Microsoft Certified Database Professionals have developed dozen of solutions which streamline and facilitate the task of entering, warehousing and retreiving large, complex sets of data. Our experiences include legal case management, time, billing and project management and personel record management.
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