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Success Stories

Ontario Land Survey Records (Simcoe) Inc.

Every survey firm in Ontario responds to several
requests each week to locate and supply copies of existing
surveys to lawyers, property owners or other survey professionals.
Gateway Software Productions has created an online repository
capable of managing over 4,000,000 images, which enables both
professionals and land owners to locate and receive copies of
survey plans effortlessly. With integrated e-commerce and event
tracking for member-users who are billed monthly, this system
provides an easy access point for every user and alleviates the
burden of locating older files.

GCP Elastomeric

This rubber importing company relies on our
software to manage order-tracking and paperwork creation for
every shipment they arrange. Together, we created a unique solution
which tracks order status as events are completed in the software.
Clients are automatically notified at specific stages in the order
process and paperwork is generated for customs clearance requirements,
shipping companies, landing and warehousing companies, arrival inspection
checklists and billing. The system also integrates with the company's
e-commerce web presence, so clients who place their orders on-line begin
the order- tracking process themselves.

VanHarten Surveying

As a large land survey and geodetic engineering
firm with over 40 employees, they saw a significant need to create a
unique and powerful business management package for the company. Gateway
Software supplied them with a robust solution, based in SQL Server, which
manages client billing, employee time, vehicle use, disbursements and
project status. Their solution contains over 50 varied reports, 3
different program access points and now over 1,000,000 entries of data.
VanHarten feels the solution we provided has increased the overall billing
accuracy to such a level that the solution paid for itself within the first
5 months.

Guardian Pharmacies (Simcoe County Supply Group)

To respond to the provincial government’s requirements to electronically
submit invoicing for all home care nursing purchases of medication and equipment, the
Guardian Pharmacies of Simcoe County contracted us to create a purchase
and order management system that would integrate with the provincial
government's supply acquisition system.

The Safety Bus

This young franchise relies on our expertise to create a framework that
manages the overwhelming paperwork and registration requirements of
teaching health and safety courses to industry in North America. The
beauty of this solution is the marriage between CRM management, tracking
and notification of student certifications, graphical printouts of wallet
cards and wall certificates, and the availability of detailed analysis
reports to aid in business decisions.

The Rubric Builder

Rubric Builder is a simple, powerful tool which helps teachers create
meaningful, high quality assessments. With thousands of linked criteria
to choose from, it is so fast and simple that you will be creating rubrics
in minutes. The product has been so successful that it has been adopted by
25% of the schools in Ontario are using The Rubric Builder.


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