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"Gateway Software made our "going 0nline" a pleasant experience. The staff was
helpful and courteous guiding us to an amazing result, and we appreciate the
ongoing help provided."

Walter Westerhof
Vice President Marketing

"Gateway software has created many custom applications for us which have increased
our efficiency in many applications ranging from tracking our time and projects,
to simple file conversion tools. I have always been impressed with Rob’s ability
to understand complex issues and facilitate us through a design process that
results in an application that does exactly what we wanted, even though we
couldn’t fully describe it at the beginning. And when something comes up, the
staff at Gateway have always been prompt at providing solutions. After bad
experiences with other software developers, Gateway has been a great service

Ron Mak
Managing Partner,
Vanharten Surveying Inc


“We enlisted Gateway Software to build a database system. We found them to be efficient, professional and they provided us with excellent support. It was a pleasure to deal with Gateway Software and we appreciate all their work. We would not hesitate in recommending them.”

Billy Graham Evangelistic 
Association of Canada


"Gateway was assigned to our project for 10 months to develop software that would migrate data from the legacy system to the new system. This was an extremely difficult task as the new software was still under development, but deadlines required the migration development to be completed simultaneously to the new application’s development.  I think the biggest thing to commend the Gateway team for is their flexibility and ability to adapt. The initial commitment to our project was a short 3 month task, but our Project Manager extended the scope and timelines to become a much bigger project, and involved developing a generic solution that would satisfy 32 locations doing business slightly different.  Gateway never gave up, and could always find humour through all of it. Gateway was a pleasure to work with!"

Joyanne Cooper Ontario Association of Community Care Access Centres, Patient Information Department



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